This site was created to provide you with a constant flow of information on the results we have achieved and on the strategic plans, we are working on, in line with the approved industrial plan.

Who is Farmacosmo?

Farmacosmo is a digital native ecosystem, offering over 65,000 products from 4,000 brands specialising in health and wellness. Through an e-commerce platform built and managed directly in-house, it deals with the online sale of medicines and health articles, supplements, childcare products, body care and beauty products, perfumes, make-up, toys, veterinary and home care products.

Farmacosmo provides total safety in purchases, fast shipments, always updated catalogue, specialised assistance by pharmacists and experts.

100% Digital

Farmacosmo was designed and built as a 100% digital reality and is going to stay as such. The experience gained over the years has been functional to achieving the total mastery of the rules and dynamics that govern this complex market but so rich in opportunities and growth margins, especially when compared to that of the rest of Europe.

Data analysis and software to support logistics and commercial strategies are all developed internally by the R&D department. Thanks to an innovative approach and a fully internalised workflow, the company can develop software and tools that allow it to optimise processes and create a “tailor-made” technological structure, entirely created to respond to the requests expressed by the individual departments. Internal development has permitted double-digit growth but, above all, to fit real-time implementations to meet customer needs, ensure an excellent user experience and optimise internal communication within the Company.

A 5-Star Reputation

A customer-centred orientation is based on listening to the needs and requirements of those who choose to make purchases on Farmacosmo, expressed through social media, tickets, chats and product reviews.

The goal is to offer the customer a shopping experience based on their personal (first) and consumer (then) needs, creating a relationship of trust at all stages.

The ability to listen to the customer’s requests translates into the constant ability to offer an always efficient service, from first contact with the user to after-sales, and competitive prices.

Our reliability is guaranteed by verified reviews on independent sites.

Great online purchasing experience
I’ve been purchasing online from Farmacosmo for more than 3 years now. Great service, great prices and super fast delivery.
I like the occasional discounts and membership collectible points.

Our company

Greetings from Fabio de Concilio, CEO of Farmacosmo

Thank you for being here. Farmacosmo is an amazing Italian company, born from my family’s experience in the world of e-commerce. Every time I come across the sites of our competitors (but we like to call them “colleagues”) I read: “market leader” or “first platform in Italy”.

I have always wondered what parameters our colleagues use to define themselves as such. Maybe we’re not. Or rather, in a very objective way, it is not for us to say. Certainly, the size and authority of an online store are measured by the degree of reliability, the speed of delivery, the range of products, the economic convenience, but above all by the quality of the assistance that customers accrue throughout the pre and post-sales phase. So, if these parameters can identify a market leader, then we can really define ourselves as such!

Every day, we are focused on intercepting our customers’ needs, guaranteeing extremely high standards, to become a reliable point of reference in every situation. The reviews of Farmacosmo are our report card, our creed and the parameter with which we compare ourselves daily. We have taken the step of becoming a “Public Company” precisely to strengthen ourselves and to continue with our business model, increasingly oriented to the digital world and, more specifically, in our “phygital” sector.

We have the ambition to offer our customers a complete range of digital services shortly that, combined with our products, will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Fabio de Concilio